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Aug 26, 2009

New house, new major, new me

I've officially started my junior year of college and am just left wondering where the past two years have gone? I can still vividly remember pulling on to Gordon's campus as a freshman, all ready for field hockey preseason, and sobbing as my parents drove away. Now, as a 3rd year student, a few tears trickled down my cheeks as I left my dad at the airport last Friday and drove "home" to my new abode at Dexter House. Now, mind you, I certainly miss my family, but I've also found a family in my fellow Elijahmites. I love this house, albeit the 15 minute walk to my 7:30 am class. And yesterday, after thinking it through since last spring, I changed my major to Psychology and made Bio a minor! I'm so excited about it because psych will open up a few more doors career-wise, though don't worry! I still plan to go to PA school after Gordon! So at the start of my junior year, I'm in a new house, with awesome people, I've got a new major and some great classes, and I think I'm growing up and becoming a little bit more independent. Everything just feels right, and I feel like God has shown me confirmation of my major decision (haha...punny, right?) over the past 24 hours. For instance, in my Developmental Psych class, I basically get to observe, study, and play with little kids. How much better can it get?

God is so good.

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