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Sep 8, 2009

I'm 20!

So this post is going to be a little selfish, but I think thats allowed. After all, it is my blog. And I'm pretty much the only person who reads it, which in itself sounds pathetic. But anyway, yesterday I left the quiet and familiar confines of being a teenager and ventured into the realm of my 20s! You know how people always ask you if you feel different on your birthday? Well, I actually said yes. There's really nothing different about me, but I just feel a little bit older and a little bit more mature, or maybe that I can claim the maturity that I've reached, if that even makes any sense, whatsoever. My friend Danielle listed a few things about her or that she had done in her 2 decades on her 20th birthday, and I think I'll steal the idea, so here goes!
  1. Enjoyed countless moments that warmed my heart and left me feeling that if the world stopped right then, I'd be ok
  2. Completed 2 years of college
  3. Developed a weakness for stationary. And pens and pencils. And good handwriting.
  4. Built amazing relationships with family and friends that sustain me
  5. Spent a month immersed in Germany, with a very limited knowledge of the language
  6. Been parasailing
  7. Gone to prom in a 5,000 lb military vehicle that was used in Normandy in WWII.
  8. Flown in a B-17 bomber that was used in WWII.
  9. Tried and failed, time and again, to do a cartwheel, curl my tongue, and whistle
  10. Developed a love of tea thanks to my grandmother and aunt
  11. Decided that my favorite classes in high school were computer science and math, then declared myself a certified nerd
  12. Played a nun, a bird, a tree, an Adelaide, and countless other things in many, many musicals
  13. Helped a doctor put stitches in someone. Helped a doctor take stitches out of someone
  14. Witnessed 3 babies come into this world. Promptly decided that adoption is a great option.
  15. Collected quite an assortment of books (text and otherwise) because I can't bear to sell them
  16. Decided that I love taking pictures and documenting moments
  17. Been a part of an awesome community with people who push me to be a better person
  18. Become an avid fan of entirely too many tv series
  19. Created plans and watched God take them and replace them with His infinitely perfect will
  20. Looked forward to many, many more years to come
So there it is, 20 highlights of my life wrapped up in a nutshell. Its been good, and I can't wait to see what God's got in store.

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