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Nov 2, 2009

Some big news!

I've got some big news. And pretty exciting news, too, if you ask me. News that I remember from time to time and it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. News that I've been waiting to be able to tell for years.

I'm going to Africa. Zimbabwe, to be exact. In May, with a team from GT and a team from Calvary Christian Church in Lynnfield, Mass. Zimbabwe. The continent of Africa, with all of its pain and joy, its drought and famine, and its beautiful people, is a place that has been on my heart for a long time, and I've been hoping for the opportunity to go. The opportunity has presented itself, and in many ways, I believe that God has affirmed it, and I'm taking one giant leap of faith and going. My grandmother and aunt are already worrying, I know. And to be honest, I'm a little scared myself. The prospect of leaving the safe and familiar confines of the states to explore a world so very different from that which I know is daunting, but I'm also filled with wonder and awe at the opportunity that God has so graciously placed in my lap.

On the way to grocery shop for our house tonight, my friend Cassie looked at me and said, "have you thought about how you're going to spend your summer?" I found this to be a strange question, because a) its only November and b) she said it like I was supposed to be thinking about it already. And then it hit me. This will be my last summer. When I come back to Gordon next fall, I'll be a senior, preparing for graduation, and then, in May 2011, I'll have to start really figuring out my future. This is it. The last hurrah, in a way. My whole life has been defined by school and summer and soon, it'll all be over. So, as of two hours ago, other than going to Africa and taking a bio class, I hadn't thought about my summer, but now just the thought of it gets my intestines in a bunch. Oh man. I'm growing up.

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