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Dec 13, 2009


I shouldn't be writing this.  I shouldn't be on this website and I shouldn't even be on the internet, for that matter.  But I need a little break.  I'm about 2/3rds of the way through this monstrosity of a study guide for Anatomy and Physiology and its beginning to make me overwhelmed.  

See, tomorrow marks the beginning of finals.  Final exams, final countdowns to break, final times with Dexter just the way it is right now.  We'll be losing a few members next semester, and I'm heartbroken to see them go.  Its just another reminder that life is comprised of seasons and changes.  But its exciting too...one will be studying in Australia, one in South Korea, and one's graduating!  We have the pleasure of sending them off, remembering the place that they've filled in this house, and waiting to hear about their new adventures on the other side of the planet.  

Finals also brings the countdown to a well deserved break.  I've got 2 exams and 15 pages standing between me and a few weeks of rest and catching up with friends at home.  I'm prepared for that time, too.  I've got a reading list (Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place, Kevin Roose's The Unlikely Disciple, to name a few), some knitting, and a few tentative plans (can you say a photo scavenger hunt around the greater Philly area?).  But mostly, I'm looking forward to just being.  To not having a schedule or trying to figure out when I need to be where and what I'm responsible for.  I'm looking forward to taking some time to rejuvenate, grow, and get ready for next semester.  Oh, did I mention that with this break I'm also saying goodbye to what I've affectionately termed "my Jr. semester" and ushering in senior year?  Yep, you read that right.  :)

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