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Dec 6, 2009


We've gotten into the full swing of Christmas here in Dexter. We've decorated and put up the tree and lights. There's often baking going on in the kitchen or a holiday hymn coming from the piano in the living room. We frolicked in the first snow of the season and built a snowman. Emily and I went on a walk tonight and looked at the lights in Parson's Hill. Its finally feeling a bit more like the season that it is. Of course, it won't fully feel like Christmas until I'm home, curled up on my couch in the glow of the tree, drinking tea and reading a book, but we're getting there.

Maybe its that I'm getting older, maybe its college, but I'm finally really starting to appreciate this season. College in itself is a funny time. Its a lot of growth in a few short years; its living in two separate worlds that only occasionally collide; its putting relationships on hold until "next time." Whatever the reason, I've been coming to understand Christmas as a time for rest. I think I especially appreciate coming home because I get to just be me with people who know me. I don't have to explain myself or guard myself. I can be candid and frank and everyone knows where I'm coming from and understands me. I love being at Gordon, I love the community and the life that I have here, but sometimes its nice to not always be pulled together and engaged, but to just be home.

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