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Feb 10, 2010


Dear plow/salt truck,
Please stop flashing your light and beeping outside my window.  There is a DUSTING on the ground.  Go back to your garage and chill out.

Dear Andi and the Fab Four class,
Thanks for kicking my butt every Monday and Wednesday at 8am.  I do appreciate it, no matter how much my muscles may not like you.

Dear professors of the Psych department,
Who ever told you it was a good idea to schedule ALL of your exams in the same 2 days?  They were wrong.

Dear (500) Days of Summer soundtrack and She & Him,
Thank you for making this week 10 millions times better.

Dear camera,
I'm sorry you've spent so much time sitting under my bed this semester. I promise to start putting you to better use.

Dear flowered headband,
I'm so glad you're in my life.



  1. I like this one.

    especially the last three.

  2. How freaking cute are you? Loved it.


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