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Mar 29, 2010

Study, Study, Study, Bake, Study, Study....

This week is going to be one of those weeks.  With three exams and two papers due in the next four days, I just know its going to be a rough one.  I spent the majority of my weekend studying, with the exception of about an hour or so tonight.  My friend Christine did me the service (or disservice?) of turning me on to what is now one of my new favorite blogs, Bakerella.  (Really...check it out...she's amazing!  She makes the most adorable treats ever.  Ever.)  So, in an effort to give my brain a rest, I did the two things I can always count on to let off some steam:  bake and feed people.

In honor of Palm Sunday, I made peanut butter eggs.  The ladies at my church growing up always made them around Easter time and they always proved to be a highlight.  After browsing around Bakerella, I found an oh so easy recipe for peanut butter balls and thought...hey!  I can make those into eggs!  Click here to see pictures and get the recipe.  I think my housemates pretty much liked them!  I'll hopefully be making them next weekend for Easter celebrations in Reading (we're big peanut butter/chocolate/nutter butter fans), so I'll be sure to take/post some of my own pictures then!

Oh, how'd I'd like to take a year off from life to just bake!

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