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May 12, 2010

Back Home

I'm back at home.  My dad and I drove through the night and got here around 7:30am.  This was by far the hardest time I've ever had leaving Gordon.  I cried.  A lot.  And it's all because of these knuckle-heads.  You see, they've all taken a little piece of my heart and have decided not to give it back. 
It's really unfair.  
But secretly, I don't mind.
See this one?  Yeah, she tricked me into living with her so she could steal a BIG chunk.   

This one has blessed me in ways she'll never know.
These two spell trouble.  And I love them.  SO much.  (Though the one on the right should go back to New Zealand.  Hehe.)  
This guy's such a kind soul, and an amazing lighting designer. 
This one cracks me up!
She is easily one of the funniest, most kind,
and generous people I know.
He gives the best hugs.  Hands down. 
This one is probably one of the smartest people I know.
This one is so quiet, but has so much to say.
I can't wait until the one on the left is back on US soil so that we can live together again.  And the one on the right?  She's a cutie.

This one is an awesome friend and a fun person to be around.

This one has been such a blessing in my life.  She's wise beyond her years.

Maybe someday, when I have a few hours and a box of tissues, I'll write about all I've learned this past year.  For now, I'm heading into a time of transition as I unpack from the school year and repack for Africa.


  1. i am so proud to be your mother....

  2. BABY. i am just seeing this for the first time. i adore you & you have blessed ME beyond belief. be safe over there and come back to us soon.


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