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May 2, 2010


I just got home from taking my good friend, Catherine's, Sr. pictures.  She's been a staple of my Gordon experience, and I couldn't have been happier when she asked me if I'd do a shoot for her.  Here are some of my favorites:
And here are 10 things I love about Catherine:
1.  She's the best deputy-RA I know.
2.  She loves all things nautical.
3.  She's got the best dance party tunes ever!
4.  She's a J. Crew girl.
5.  She's one of the best shopping partners I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
6.  She shared all those tid-bits of seasoned advice my freshman year.
7.  She's encouraging.
8.  Her smile.
9.  She's always willing to go out of her way for her friends.
10.  She's a lovely soul.


  1. Great pictures Betsy and what a nice write up about your friend.

  2. Betsy! You are such an amazing lady and I had so much fun doing this :) couldn't as for a better floormate, friend, and lovely person.


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