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Jun 12, 2010

Antelope sightings: 0

On Thursday and Friday, after a week of ministry, we got a "break" in the form of about 30 hours at Antelope Park.  Situated 2 hours outside of Bulawayo, the park is a game park with a resort incorporated into it.  First off, it is absolutely GORGEOUS.  Secondly, the food was excellent, the lodgings great, and the activities were so much fun.  We had an absolute blast!  From chasing zebras on foot while on a game drive, to a lunar horseback ride, to an early morning walk with two lions, it was 30 hours packed full of awesome experiences!  Here are just some of the 300-400 pictures I took there!
The African sky has no rival.
Yeah, so our lodge was right on the other side of that lake.  Worried, much?
Working pretty hard to catch.....nothing.
This is how they summoned us to meals!
Hey there, pretty lady.
Ronnie:  Can we get out and chase them?
Iti:  Sure, Ronnie.
A papa Kudu.
Yeah, not exactly a little kitty.
I'm so hardcore I didn't just walk with them, I held their tails.  Yeah, that's right.

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  1. Wow! These pictures are amazing Betsy! Keeping you and your group in my prayers.


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