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Jun 28, 2010

Beach or Bust!

There's absolutely no question that my favorite way to spend a summer day is at the beach.  My family and our cousins, the Cambrias, headed down to Rehoboth, DE on Saturday for a day of sand, sun, surf, a 5-mile walk, and some good 'ole seafood.
Playing checkers at Cracker Barrel
Hey there, Daddy-O!
Riding a wave
Catchin' some rays
Digging a hole...
"If you put that on Facebook, I will remove the tag and then hack onto your account and remove the picture"  Heh, yeah.
[insert comment here]
My mom is gorgeous.
Just a little beach reading!
It was a windy day.
I don't know this little munchkin, so call me a creeper, but she was too cute to NOT take her picture!


  1. Lydia calls me a creeper too when I take pictures of people I don't know. Hee-hee. Love the pictures.

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to see some of yours from creation! (with your point and shoot, i mean *wink wink*)


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