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Jun 4, 2010


As I begin to adjust back to life in the states, I'm definitely blessed beyond belief.  I'm blessed to have a wonderful family and group of friends who love and support me.  I'm blessed to live in this country.  I'm even blessed by the fact that jet lag really hasn't gotten me too badly.
In Africa, I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside of a great missionary family who are so giving of all they have.  Jim has a ministry that he's titled "Covered and Grounded" in which he helps pastors fund building projects as long as they agree to be discipled by him.  In his words, "spirituality in Zimbabwe is a mile wide, but only an inch deep."  He's seeking to help not only put a roof over a church body's head, but to help them dig a bit deeper.  Cookie runs a ministry called "Home-based Health Care" in which she teaches classes on how to care for the sick in a safe manner and how to love them like Jesus would.  It's primary focus is really more of a pastoral care of the spirit coupled with catering to the physical needs of the person.  Their daughter, Christi, is also great.  At 14, she has spent the past 7 years living in Zim, and has settled in for the long haul.  She plays on a worship team and has friends at a number of different youth groups.  The Strysko's also have two sons, the older, David, lives in the states with his wife, Elizabeth, and the younger, Johnny, whom we were able to meet, just finished his first year of med school at St. George's.
The whole family is clearly a blessing to those they serve and work alongside.  Pastor's in Zim told us that they wouldn't have made it through droughts and famines if Jim hadn't brought them water or food.  And while I was a world away from my family, they were a blessing to me, offering encouragement and a peek into their lives in God's will.
Another huge blessing was my team.  They were just absolutely awesome, and I can't even begin to describe how they all made me feel loved and covered while we ministered together.  We had so many fun moments and saw God move and breathe in so many ways, that I can't imagine having shared this trip with anyone else!
Me with the Hubbards and the Stryskos
The team minus Robyn

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