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Jun 11, 2010

Missing Faces

I'm missing Zimbabwe a lot today.  Well, actually, I miss it a lot every day.  But for some reason, today especially.  There were moments in the beginning of the trip, before we had really dug down into ministry and relationships, where I felt like I really wasn't cut out to be there.  I had spent the past decade or so feeling this pull towards Africa and missions and I couldn't understand why I felt so out of place.  I think part of it was that I was with a group of people I didn't know all that well, and the other part was that I wasn't exactly feeling God's presence.  There were two turning points for these feelings, though, and they were when the Mass team got there and we started to bond as a group, and when we were hanging out with the kids.  And today, I'm really missing it all.
There's something beautiful in a relationship built on everything but talking.  There were a bunch of kids that we got to know throughout the course of the trip that we couldn't verbally communicate with.  We, obviously, spoke English and they, Ndebele.  But I learned pretty quickly that communication doesn't have to be verbal.  That three minutes of chasing them around to tickle them, that look during evening service, the hug when we first arrived, they were all ways we built relationships with these kids.  I said a few times during the course of the trip that I am in no place in life to have a child, but I would take a few of them home with me in a heartbeat.  Whether it was through making a balloon flower or handing them a lollipop or praying over them, each kid was, and is, a special, sweet child that I loved spending time with.

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