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Jul 9, 2010


Today I took my little bro, Mark, and our cousin, Zac, on a photo shoot.  Mark's a rising senior (gasp!...how is that possible?!?!) and so I was super excited to take some pics of him to document this exciting little milestone.
He and Zac are also musicians (if you couldn't tell).  So we decided to shoot some pictures for them to use as promos and on Myspace/Facebook/demos.
And since I did it with Catherine,
here's 10 things I LOVE about Mark:
1.  He's my brother.  I sort of have to love him.  :)
2.  He makes me laugh.
3.  He's a great role model.
4.  He loves Jesus more than his luggage.
5.  He is incredibly talented.
6.  He is compassionate.
7.  Even at 17 and 20, he was game for having a sleepover the night before I went to Zim.
8.  He's a great friend.
9.  We used to watch cartoons at like, 2 am, when we stayed at our grandparents during the summers.  Those were some good bonding times.
10.  He makes me so proud to be his big sis.

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures Betsy! They are all great. And I agree Mark is someone to be proud of :)


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