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Jul 25, 2010


I stumbled upon a cute little blog today that runs a creativity project on a weekly basis called The Sunday Creative.  This week's prompt is "Naked".  I think this is a really cool idea, and I not only love taking pictures, but sharing them with others, so I thought I'd join in this week.  When I first read the prompt, this photo came to mind:
Besides being one of my favorite still life photos from Africa, it is also makes me think.  I find a lot of beauty in it, but at the same time, it is a portrait of something that is dying and naked as winter approaches.  I like to imagine the petals and leaves that were once attached to this spindly skeleton that made it a gorgeous flower.  

So, if you're reading this, check out The Sunday Creative and get your creative juices flowing!


  1. That is gorgeous! What a cool looking flower. So unique in it's nakedness ;)

  2. Very nice picture. I can see why its one of your favorites :)

  3. Love your take on the prompt! I haven't participated this week yet, just stopped by to see everyone's work and this one jumped out at me! Nice job! Welcome to the Sunday Creative, hope to see more!

  4. This is a great picture and somehow symbolises a lot of what is going on in Zim at the moment (or so I felt when I visited). A wonderful interpretation of the prompt as well.


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