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Jul 14, 2010


I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, which means I've been camped out on my couch for the past 24 hours.  It also means I look something like this:
Just kidding.  It really looks more like this:
Gotcha again!  Now for real, I actually look something like this:
So, as you can see, my left side looks something like I have a grapefruit in my cheek (they had to drill that side), while my right looks pretty normal.  All I really want right now is a burger.  Or maybe some fries from Chic-fil-A.  However, my dear friend Jen was kind enough to bring me some Rita's, which is really the only thing I've kept down today.  Overall, though, I guess I'm recovering pretty well!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

And apparently, Vicodin is good for making people make fools out of themselves by posting embarrassing pictures of themselves on their blogs.  Hmm.


  1. Oh no! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Aaah! Baby! I'm so sorry that you're going through this :( Hang tough. Wish I was there for some snuggling and FRIENDS.


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