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Aug 12, 2010

i LOVE books

I decided tonight that I would make a pledge to myself that I will buy a new (or used) book every time I get a paycheck this coming semester because, well, I just really love books.

It's a dangerous love.  The kind of love that makes it really difficult to sell textbooks, or makes it really easy to justify saving a book that I know I will never read again.

I love new books and the way they are perfect and pure and have never been opened and read.  I love old books for their character and the fact that they usually contain more than just the story printed on their pages.  I love textbooks for the references that they are and all the knowledge they contain.  I love novels for their ability to suck you in and get you lost in another world.  I love memoirs for the peek they give into another's life.

So that is why....


  1. I think memoirs are my favorites. I read both of those you have on your sidebar. Look Me In the Eye is a great look into the mind of an Aspbergian. Have you read Jeannette Walls "The Glass Castle"? It's probably my favorite memoir.

  2. I actually just had that in my hand at Target the other day! Perhaps it will be next on my list!


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