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Aug 29, 2010


This week's prompt on The Sunday Creative is "Illuminate".

I couldn't stop myself from using this picture.  I have others that I've taken even more recently that may fit the prompt better, but there are three things I love about this.

1.  I love the way his face is just illuminated with joy, and the contrast of his sparkling eyes and blue sweatshirt against the concrete wall.

2.  I love the way the light reflects in his eyes, so much so that you can even see the sky, me, and the other kids gathered around.

3.  I love the way this picture lights up my life every time I look at it.  And that's what photography is supposed to do, right?

Also, I think I'm going to join a little project called 365 Days {A Photographic Journey}, another brainchild of Maegan over at Madeline Bea (I just LOVE the blogging community!).  I'll be taking one picture a day for the next year, starting today, August 29, 2010, and ending on August 28, 2011.  It's not going to be easy, but I'm so eager to grow and develop my photography further, so here goes!  For the sake of not overrunning this blog with that project, I'm going to be using my Flickr account, so feel free to check it out if you want, and if you enjoy photography, consider joining in!
Hope you've had a restful Sunday and are ready to face the week!  :)


  1. Great photo! The interesting thing is I saw the photo before I read your words, and while you talk about the smile illuminating his face, my impression is that it also lights up the heart - of the viewer.

  2. Yeah....I have it set as the desktop image on my computer, and it definitely lights up my heart whenever I look at it. I literally leave my computer open just to keep it displayed!

  3. What a perfect portrait for the word prompt this week.
    I can see how it would fill you with love.
    Perfection :)

  4. this is a beautiful shot and love the light in the eyes. I am doing the 365 too, that's a good idea to link it to the flickr account, I think I will copy you on that.

  5. That's smile has a powerful light. Great shot.

  6. what a gorgeous smile that is!

  7. What a gorgeous happy photo!

    Congrats on taking up the 365 challenge!


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