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Aug 6, 2010


Can I just say that I'm SO PROUD of my brother and cousin?!?!

Mark and Zac participate in the Assemblies of God's Fine Arts Competition with our church, Glad Tidings.  This year, they competed in Instrumental Ensemble, Songwriting, Worship Team, Christian Band, and Small Group Drama.  Their Instrumental Ensemble, Inaudible Mathematics, actually won the entire competition!  After being asked to play for a crowd of 14,000 people, they were named the best group in the nation!  You can watch them play their Mutemath cover here, they begin around 30:00.  Then, Zac's worship team, GOE, which performs a rap-infused hip-hop worship style, took the Worship team category and was named the top in the nation!

Its so awesome to see all of these young people using their talents to glorify God, and seeing not only an entire church, but an entire denomination come together to support them and give them a venue to express themselves creatively in a constructive and loving environment that is committed to growth and giving glory to God!
These two are ridiculously talented.  I'm so glad they're in my family!

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  1. Great photos! And congratulations to the guys!!! That is just wonderful.


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