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Aug 23, 2010


Maegan over at The Sunday Creative used "orient" as this week's prompt, and how fitting it is!  As it turns out, I'm sitting on my freshly-made bed at Gordon after having just moved in and find that it's time to orient and reorient myself to this place, this new apartment, my classes, old & new professors, friends, and responsibilities, and so many other surprises that will come my way during my "senior semester".  (Not to mention all of the freshman that are making their way through the crowded waters of college orientation!)  Sometimes I wish that I could take a step back from it all, reorient myself and assess the situation, and then dive back into it all.  But alas, that's not the way life works!  However, the definition of orient made me think immediately of this picture that I snapped at the beach this week.  Is there a magic one of these things that will let you take a look at life from a distance?


  1. a great shot, love the sunlight on the water, a great journal too

  2. I love the picture in juxtaposition with your words.

    And don't worry: finding the answers is at least as much fun as having them.

  3. I love the shot! It makes me think of looking ahead and bringing things that seem so far in the distance into focus.

  4. If only! Have a great semester Betsy :)

  5. great photo, and love your post. perfect.

  6. can I just say how fantastic you are and how special God has created you...keep moving forward baby girl because as I see it you are headed in the right direction! I love you!

  7. Beautiful photo - good luck as you navigate the year

  8. Great picture! And I feel the same way sometimes!


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