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Aug 1, 2010


This has been a ridiculously busy week.  A week filled with 4 hour dress rehearsals and the opening and closing nights of Charlie Brown.  It's been a long, very fun, but very busy summer!  So, as I finally got time to relax tonight, I checked out The Sunday Creative for this week's prompt, and it just happens to be "Shapely".  The first picture that I thought of when I read this prompt was, of course, one from Africa.  Perhaps one day, I'll move on to using pictures of other things and places for this project, but I couldn't not use this one!


  1. oh that is a stunning image, with the reflection of the elephant in the water. love this.

  2. a great shot for the prompt and the reflection is lovely too

  3. What a beautiful photograph - there's something about elephants, they just look so noble and intelligent, who could fail to love them!

  4. Lovely picture Betsy! You and the cast were wonderful in Your a Good Man! When do you go back to Gordon?

  5. Love the reflection you've managed to catch. Beautiful

  6. a beautiful photo! the reflection in the water is amazing.


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