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Aug 5, 2010

Things I'm currently loving:

(their instrumental ensemble got to open for a crowd of 14,000 tonight at the AG Fine Arts Festival in Detroit)
2.  Baking fun things, like these cupcake bites:
3.  That this girl will be here tomorrow!
4.  That I went to Africa two months ago (even though I miss it like crazy):
5.  That I will get to see these girls VERY soon!
6.  Pictures of flowers:


  1. Love the pics! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your break. I'd love for you to take some family photos of us. I know you are going back to school later this month and we are going on an anniversary get-away to New Orleans; so maybe we can plan to do photos some time in the fall?

  2. 1. I'm so impressed with your brother :)
    2. Your cupcakes are simply GORGEOUS.
    5. Those girls (I'm speaking on behalf of the whole) are beside themselves without you and cannot wait until we're reunited.

    It will be bliss <3


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