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Sep 15, 2010

{365 Days}: Week 3 (and a rant.)

Feel free to skip the rant and just check out this week's images below, because:
1.  I won't know if you do 
2.  I wouldn't blame you.

I'm a bit frustrated with this project right now.  I know it's only the third week, and I am enjoying it.  But I think the combination of classes, work, and having a photography class, has turned this project into another thing to check off my daily "to-do" list.  I think a lot of it has to do that I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, and that my camera and I just aren't really working together very well at the moment...my images are blurry and not in the sharp focus that I like, which I know has a lot to do with my lighting and the time of day that I've typically been shooting.  My eyes are tired from squinting through my lens (does anyone know any tricks to combat this, by the way?  Sometimes, it takes a second for my eyes to refocus after I've been looking through my camera, and I've had this annoying eye twitch since about May.)  Anyway, I'm not totally unhappy with what I've got for this week, but I am quickly finding that if this project is going to be a positive and growth-filled experience, then I need to make more time for photography in my day to day.  So here's to revelation and growth.  :)

September 9:  My pencil cup (one of those late-night images)
September 10:  Self-portrait (too grainy. bleh.)
September 11:  Hava.  I love this one, especially the color composition.
September 12:  My tea.  Again, a late-night image, and a grainy one.
September 13:  Jae's earrings.  A rare in-focus one.
September 14:  The new pillow covers I made.  A "hmmm...what can I take a picture of at this late hour?" photo.
September 15: Hannah's study face.  Despite the lack of sharp focus, I like this one, I think.

On the bright side, I did develop my first prints in the darkroom today.  That is definitely a highlight of my life according to photography right now.

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