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Sep 18, 2010

the apt.

Bromley 310 (my apartment) had a little photo shoot today with the talented Peter Morse.
We got all gussied up and had our picture taken for a while, and had a ton of fun in the process!
I'll be getting the images this week, so I'll be sure to share them with you, but in the meantime, I thought I'd introduce you to the women I live with!

This is Lacy.  She's not only gorgeous, but she's an amazing, talented, woman of God, and she's also a great friend.
This is Hannah.  She and I are still getting to know one another, but I love her dearly!  She's smart and so much fun to be around.
This is Jae.  I was lucky enough to share a house with her last fall, and am so happy to be living together again!  She's such a fun, beautiful girl!
This is Nicole.  She was one of the first people I ever met at Gordon, and we were bio majors together for a while.  She's got the most infectious laugh out of anyone I know!
This is Emily.  She's my roommate, one of my dearest and most beautiful friends.  We have a lot of fun together, and I'm so blessed to be living with her again this year.

Hope your weekend is going well!

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