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Sep 25, 2010

If you feel like blog-hopping on a Saturday...

Here are a few that I love!

1.  My good friend Jen is spending the year studying
at Oxford and blogging about her adventures along
the way.  (And, by the way, she's an amazing
story-teller.  And don't just take my word for it, go
see for yourself!)

2.  Mim Smith Faro blogs about the lovely little things she finds, from books to music to great giveaways and the like, its a fun little blog!

3.  One of my dearest friends, Sarah Lipe, has
a blog about the everyday...read her latest post
on how she discovered a beautiful science
building on the way to class, or read her archives
of her time spent in Uganda!

4.  My friend Cassie, over at Life in Technicolor,
blogs about, well, life.  She spent last semester in
Australia, and has many a fun story from those
days, as well as little anecdotes and things from
current life.

5.  If you're like me (who, by the way, is nowhere near getting married) and just like to look at lovely wedding things, check out Green Wedding Shoes or OnceWed, if only for their aesthetically pleasing natures.

6.  Check out Naomi over at The Rockstar Diaries for
tales of her life with her husband, Josh, and dog,
Kinsley (and baby on the way!).

read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.
She will crack you up forever.
And her cookbook is awesome.

8.  For a couple of fun projects (the {365}
project and the Sunday Creative) and for
soft, glowy, wonderful photography, head
on over to Life Set to Words by Madeline Bea.

And I think that's all I have for now.  Got any good ones to share?  

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing me in the fun :) I follow blogs for a while but often delete them and add something new. I used to follow Naomi but haven't and I'm thrilled that you say they are expecting!

    Try one of these:
    http://colormekatie.blogspot.com/ I LOVE Improv Everywhere and Katie and her man are involved. She has a wonderfully happy blog.

    http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/ LeighAnn (LA) is a lovely young woman who shares her passions with her followers at the Freckled Next.

    I'm off to check out some of your recommendations.


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