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Oct 2, 2010

{365 Days}: Week 5.5

I was bad and didn't post these on Wednesday.  Oops!
September 23:  My busy schedule
September 24:  Fall.

September 25:  TOMS!  (go get a pair!)
September 26:  Door
September 27:  The hat I was working on at the time
September 28:  My bed.  Where I wanted to be when i was taking this photo
September 29:  The keychain I made for Lacy
September 30:  Resume and a snack
October 1:  Piggy and Girly bear...the consultants I'm planning on taking with me when I go shopping for a wedding dress
October 2:  Anna


  1. I really want a pair of Tom's. Maybe I'll go order them now. Love the pictures. I think the door is my favorite.

  2. That door looks like it would be perfect for fairies or disguising a secret garden. It's very mysterious. Glad to have you along for the 365 day project.


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