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Dec 7, 2010

#10: The Elijah Project

I have ten days left at Gordon.  
Ten days to be completely present in the relationships I've built over the past few years.  
Ten days of classes, papers, exams, and packing.  
Ten days of being a college student.

I've been pretty absent from the blogging world for the past few weeks.  I haven't had time to take many photos, and having to take them for a class has sort of sucked some of my creativity in that field out of me.  And I haven't had much to say; I've been doing a lot of internal (ok, and external, in the form of venting to my roommate) processing, wrestling with the fact that in a little over a week, I'll be done.  Outta here.  Skeedattled.  But I thought I'd leave a mark on my last ten days here by posting one thing (out of a list of many) that I'm going to miss about this place.

First off, the Elijah Project.  Now, this one probably shouldn't count.  In fact, that's why I placed it last:  because its a bit of a stretch, not because I'll miss it least.  I finished the EP last May when I moved out of Dexter House.  But its still an everyday part of my Gordon experience in the fact that I'm surrounded by the people, the language, the ideas that are central to the project.  The EP played a gigantic role in who I am today and the direction that my life is taking.  My classmates and our instructors, the Carmers, affirmed my strengths, supported me in the midst of big, life-altering decisions, and gave me hope and inspiration.  The readings that we did provided me with a new lens with which I now view the world.  I get so excited when I think of the amazing things that Lacy, Jae, Emily, Willie, Cassie, Rob, Christine, Erika, Ian, Tim, Ben, Dan, and Becky will be, or already are, doing with their lives.  These people are agents of change, and are poised and ready to seek God's will first and follow Him wholeheartedly.
This was the first group picture we ever took.  I remember coming home from this weekend and saying "I love these people!!!"  A year of living together later, I still feel the same way.  :)
Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.


  1. ((hugs)) This transition will be a tough one but it is the one that pushes you out into the next stage of your life. It's exciting and scary and wonderful and a teensy bit terrible all at once. You have such a strong spiritual base and know that God is there to help you through whatever comes your way. I know you will succeed in whatever God has planned for you. Try to cry only tears of joy this week. Joy at knowing these wonderful people and being a part of their lives and they of yours. ((hugs)) and prayers for the smoothest transition possible.

  2. How have I missed all of these posts?! Please excuse me as I comment on almost every single one. I adore you. And the EP.


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