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Feb 27, 2011

Winter Blues

I've been a bad photographer lately.  Winter does this to me.  I struggle so much with taking good photos when there is snow on the ground...everything just ends up washed out or too bright, and I just love color and pretty natural sunlight so much that it mades it hard to feel good about photos I take in the winter.  The worst part of this predicament, by far, is that my camera ends up sitting in my room, casting longing glances my way, and begging me to pick it up and put it to good use.  And I realized this weekend that I'm dying for some beautiful spring weather and a good photoshoot to help me out of this funk.
In the mean time, here are most (of the very few) photos I've taken this winter.


  1. Lovely photos. I especially love the last one of your parents.

  2. Ooohhh...I really, REALLY like the NYC skyline! Nicely done!

  3. ugh, Bets, this totally happens to me too; I completely lose motivation to take pictures in the winter. I really like the ones you have taken though! They look great :)


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