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Jun 4, 2011


I'm supposed to be working on my first paper for my grad class right now.  I'm sitting at my kitchen table with a notebook, two articles, a packet with all the information one could ever need on what to put into a 4-6 page paper, my textbook, a highlighter, and a pen.  And what am I doing?  Blogging.  (And popping around Facebook. and picking out a new pair of TOMS. and texting. and thinking of a dessert to bake for a party I'm going to today.)  Because it wouldn't be homework if I didn't exhaust every procrastination option out there before I actually buckled down and pounded out the darn thing.  See, when I actually get to writing it, this paper will probably only take me about an hour.  But the entire process will likely take all morning, because I have no self discipline when it comes to homework.  Somehow, I managed to make it through college with this fatal flaw, and while I'd love to say "it'll be different this time around", I think I'd be lying.  Really, you'd think that I hate school.  But in fact, I love it.  I'm just not good at showing it.  Oh well, here we go again!
I also made myself coffee this morning.  I SO feel like a student again!  (And I LOVE it!)


  1. you're getting those awesome crochet/floral ones, aren't you?!?

    love, your fellow procrastinator

    p.s. you are so, so cute.

  2. so happy for my little grad student :) proud of you.


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