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Jul 17, 2011

as of late:

Remember how I said I had a few blog posts planned for post-camp?  Well, life, as usual, got in the way, and I've been a negligent blogger.  My apologies.  
But here's a little peek at what's been going on lately!

1.  I counseled camp.  It was a wonderful week, and I got to spend time with friends, both old & new!
These were my campers.
 2.  I flew up to Mass for Will & Cassie's wedding.  It was a lovely weekend, and SO good to see all of my Gordon friends!  It was also a LOVELY celebration of Will & Cas!

3.  I've been shooting a lot at shows for Chromatic Wakeup.  These are from a block party that they played in Reading on Friday. You can see more here.  These guys are pretty terrific.  I mean, I might be sort of biased, seeing as how I'm close to quite a few of them and all, but still.

 4.  I got to spend this Friday & Saturday in Morgantown with a bunch of the girls that were on counseling staff at Tel Hai with me a few weeks ago.  It was a magical, but short and oh-so-sweet time spent together.  I'm so grateful for friends who know me and who I don't have to explain myself to.  I was so worried after leaving Gordon that I wouldn't find those friends here at home again, and while we're scattered all over PA and DE, when we're able to be together, it's always like we never parted.  Also, these girls are kind of gorgeous.

 5.  A bunch of friends/family went mini-golfing tonight.  It was a fun evening.  I won.

Oh, and I guess also in recent news...I got a new camera this week.  It's a beautiful Nikon D7000, and it's the new love of my life.  

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  1. ohhh my gosh. you little photographer, you! scot huber would be proud...i, however, am fighting the green monster of jealousy. ;) maybe your D7000 and (Lord willing) my T3 Rebel could go on a date sometime? love and miss you!


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