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Aug 8, 2011


I failed again this year.  
For the second year in a row, I forgot my blog's birthday.  I knew it was coming, I even thought about it the week leading up to it.  But then, I got on a plane and went to Arizona and I forgot and I failed. 
I've been blogging for two years.  There's this rather ironic twist here too, because my first post ever was about discipleship and being invested in ministry, and how I was struggling with just starting to get involved with the youth ministry at my church but I was also preparing to leave for college again.  Now, two years later, I'm working for that same youth ministry.  
Anyway, all of this is to say:
Hey!  Happy 2-year birthday blog! Maybe in year 3 you'll double (or triple, or quadruple, or square yourself) in followers.  
Or at least dream about it.
And maybe, next year, I'll actually celebrate your birthday in a timely fashion.

1 comment:

  1. happy birthday blog :) love you (and bets)


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