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Aug 11, 2011

these boys....

I got the opportunity to do a photoshoot with the guys from Chromatic Wakeup yesterday.  Now, I might be just a little bit biased (one is my brother, one is my cousin, and the others are all friends of mine), but I think these guys rock!  Let me introduce you....

This is AJ.  He's on guitar and vocals.
 This is Mark.  He's on bass and occasionally, keys.  He also does back-up vocals. Oh, and he's my brother.
 This is Nick.  He plays keys & sings.
 This is Patrick.  He's a drummer.
 This is Rob.  He's a drummer as well.  He plays the electric drums, which add a pretty cool element.
This is Zac.  He plays guitar, sings back-up, and is also my cousin.
So, now you've met the guys of Chromatic Wakeup.  Go like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out their stuff on Reverbnation!  Also, head over to my photography site to see more from yesterday's shoot!  

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