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Sep 24, 2011


Its been a year since I was starting my senior year of college. 
That means its been a year since I spent a fun afternoon doing a photo shoot with these girls.
These girls that can: 
warm a heart, 
talk about theology & philosophy & politics & food & boys at 1 am...any day of the week, 
eat a cake that was baked out of coping with studying for a big exam, 
and laugh at any hour of the day, 
And right now, I find myself particularly missing them.
So, instead of doing the homework I need to be doing right now, I've instead pulled out old fabulous pictures and am reminiscing and laughing to myself about the memories that we made together.
If I'm ever so blessed as to share an apartment or house with some of my best friends ever again, I think I'll die and go to heaven.


  1. That's really sweet! :) I love time spent with girlfriends too...it's funny how God wired us to just "click" with one another. Where would we be without a little help from our friends! :)

  2. Such a sweet post! I'm a senior this year and I can't imagine graduating and not being by my closest girlfriends anymore.

  3. funny...i've also been feeling that ache for 310 lately..for bathroom tiles covered in quotes, for naps in the nook, for sports bra yoga, for deep connection with women who are not afraid to open their hearts to the world. i think that semester was a gift that will only grow sweeter with time. love you, betsy

  4. I'm new to your blog (thanks to your comment on my blog, Figuring Out The Plot) and I love this post! I've got a group of girlfriends from college and I've been out 5 years and still feel the same exact way. It's a blessing to find this kind of friendship for sure! :) I'm your newest follower!



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