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Oct 24, 2011

my weekend according to my iphone

{I went to TWO bonfires/hayrides yesterday!  hooray for fall bucket lists!} 
{pumpkins, because it's fall} 
{my friend's new kitten, Rex & my pup, Kasey}
{Mums the word}
{tea & homework, as per usual}
{time for Uggs...aka the warmest things I've ever put on my body}
{dear friends saying their vows!  hooray for love!}

I promise I took real photos with my real camera.  And I promise I'll be sharing them soon!


  1. Ok... so according to your iPhone you had a wonderful weekend! Love that white flower pictures...and the pet snaps too! CUUUTE!

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. I love bonfires....Oh how I wish the desert was not so stinking hot!!!!

  3. LOVE these pictures and you look like you've been having some fun! I LOVE bonfires, they are THE BEST!

  4. yippee! go mirisolas :D
    thanks for the photo tour of your life.

  5. Looks like a GREAT weekend! Instagram is my favorite thing about my phone :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  6. this makes me miss fall so much! i could really, really go for a pumpkin spice latte, some crunchy, colorful leaves underfoot and a chill in the air. oh, to wear a sweater. :)

    when it's still 80 and sunny here and you've all got snow, i won't miss it too, too much but oh, how i miss the fall right now!

    kandyce from chotapeeleeauto.blogspot.com


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