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Oct 28, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Grace of Her Umbrella

Today I'm presenting to you another new sponsor!
Grace blogs over at Her Umbrella, where she writes about "life's little decorations" 
(um, how adorable is that?)
Oh, and when I asked Grace what she would sell if she could own any type of store, she answered "bridal gowns".  I think I like this girl. 
My name is Grace Fleming – insert “Lynne” when needed. Once December rolls around I’ll be graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in Communications. I’m from the outskirts of Nashville, TN and I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home.

Her Umbrella is just a collection of my life’s little decorations – whether it’s a love for sampling the world, empty candy wrappers, books filled with scribbled ideas or stupid people that keep showing up – they’ve all found a place underneath, adorning everyday with a little more sparkle.

Decorate your life!

Check out Grace at Her Umbrella!

And if you're interested in sponsoring & being featured on HTB, check out the details here!

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