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Oct 13, 2011

thank you, iphone, for always being there for me.

and by that, I mean being there to redeem me when I've once again forgotten to bring my camera with me, despite my "I will take my camera everywhere I go" resolution.
So here's what's new from my phone:
My first pie!  Credit for the design goes to Christine Hunkler.  I completely stole it.
I think that's a secret I'm still trying to learn, but verses like this give me hope.


  1. I love what you did to that pie! :) Adorable!


  2. You always amaze me and make me proud to be your Mom! XoXo

  3. Ohh those little pups are so adorable! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and adding a sweet comment! I appreciate it so much! :) -Lo

  4. oh my goodness i need to have those puppies.

    and that pie looks great! i want to make an apple pie with little stars cut out this year i think. i'm a miserable baker.. but i think i'll try anyway haha

  5. all of these images are perfect. those puppies are simply adorable!! and that pie looks heavenly!
    xo TJ


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