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Oct 10, 2011

the top 10 things that stand between me and finishing an assignment:

Because I am the queen of procrastination, here are 10 sure-fire ways to burn some time while you should be doing homework:

1. blog 
(duh! what do you think I'm doing right now? 
I'll give you a hint:  it starts with "p" and ends with "rocrastinating")
2.  check out new pins on pinterest
3.  facebook, of course!
4.  read (and update) your twitter

{and now that all of your social networking bases are covered}

5.  bake and craft
6.  work out or go running
7.  go out for ice cream or coffee with a friend (or dinner with your dad, as I discovered tonight)
8.  edit that photoshoot that's been sitting in your "needs processing" folder
9.  watch a movie (preferably as you tell yourself it'll just be "background noise")
10.  do your laundry/dishes
(this is really out of desperation.  You can try to justify this one as "I really need a clean and organized house/apartment in order to fully focus on my homework", but we all know you're choosing the lesser of two evils here.)

and then there's this:

And just one last thing.  I'm currently sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by my laptop, folders, books, my open planner, and a mug of tea and my dad proceeds to initiate the following conversation:
Dad:  Wanna go to Target?
Me:  Oh gosh, you have no idea how much I'd like to say yes, but I've got 4 lesson plans, a paper, discussion board posts...
Dad:  Meh, what's at Target anyway?
Me:  Oooo...lots of things!
Dad:  You'd just want to look at clothing and shoes.
{20 min later...after I finished this post}
Dad:  Target closes in an hour and a half!  We could go walk the aisles!
Me:  Actually, they close in a half hour; they close at 9 on weekdays.
Dad:  We could go to Giant and walk the aisles instead!
{I am my father's child.}


  1. these are ALL highly valid procrastination excuses. PIN away!! :)

  2. ha ha...I remember the nights of doing homework...or lack of doing homework because I was distracted by anything and everything around me!

  3. Ahaha, your dad! That's hysterical. Bad bad influence :)

  4. this is like the epitome of how i work. and in the order you listed things! haha I'm sitting at a coffee shop iwth my homework in front of me.. with the intention of doing homework and of course I'm looking at awesome blogs like yours! haha

    so funny girl!


  5. hahah that procrastination cartoon is hilarious. i do the exact same thing


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