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Oct 28, 2011

Yeah, we're fierce. (Maybe?)

It's occurred to me today that I really have no good recent photos of myself.  Apparently, I've forgotten how to smile like a normal person.  It's so sad, since only a year ago, I managed to make it through a photo shoot with my apartmentmates.  
Most of the time these days, when I'm around a camera, I'm doing a shoot for someone else.  But I found these photos from the day that I did the Chromatic Wakeup shoot in August, and they made me laugh, so I just needed to share.  And trust me, these are the best from that day.  Sad, right?
I don't even know.  I'm hiding maybe?  There's just so much going on here.
Are you watching The New Girl?  I'm clearly channeling some Jess right here.  "Hey Sailor!"
This last one showcases my "fierce face."  Really, I just look disapprovingly at the camera.

It was hot.  I just finished doing a shoot with 6 guys.  I wasn't exactly prepared to have the lens turned on me.  Seriously...I didn't even have my cute cream pearl-adorned cardigan on.  Boo.

But really, this is proof of why I don't post pictures of myself on here these days.  
Good ones just don't exist right now.  


  1. I'm glad you e-mailed me. Your blog is absolutely adorable. :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. How sweet! :) Cute pics girls!

  3. I love the setting for this photo shoot!
    Thank you hunn for following my blog! I'm returning the favor. :)
    GIVEAWAY!! Southernpinky.blogspot.com

  4. betsy- i agree about gordon. i left you a comment under your comment, but i never know how response comments are supposed to work. :)

  5. As soon as a camera is one me I forget how to blink properly. Suddenly I need to blink a million times in a minute. -_-


  6. Fun times! I hate having the camera turns on me.. BOO!!

  7. You are so funny! You guys all look cute! Okay I FINALLY got your button up. Wow, I have two emails and gmail confuses me as it is, so anyway, sorry it's taken me so long! Your button is up! :)

  8. You are so silly! You look wonderful! Trust me... my photos are SOOOO bad! lol Hence the lack of self-portraits! :P

    a cup of subtle tea


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