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Nov 28, 2011


So life was a little busy this past week. 
Thanksgiving happened, and as I said, it was a pretty large ordeal with the Gettis family.
My brother's band practiced all week in my basement, which meant lots of noise and watching movies on my computer with my headphones while trying to write lesson plans.
I did 3 photo shoots this weekend, which translates to a whole lot of editing.
So while I work on all of that stuff, here's a "my-life-through-iPhone" update!

I went to an outdoor potluck a few weeks ago with lovely decorations, including candles in mason jars hanging in the tree!
I fully intend to recreate this at the Craft Night I'm hosting this weekend.
These were from my first-graders in Sunday school.  I'm the one in the blue cape and the one with the blue hair.  Adorable.
I found this on Pinterest the other day.  It's now the lock screen on my phone.  Lord knows it's the anthem of my life right now and the constant reminder is definitely helping!
 Pumpkin cookies!  (this is pre-caramel icing.  But seriously...this recipe is divine!)
My cousin, Matt, & I decided to have an adventure and go Black Friday shopping at midnight.  After 20 minutes of driving around looking for a space, we found prime parking.  And documented our success. 


  1. Black Friday shopping at midnight?! You're a brave soul, my dear. Get any good deals? And this kitten... is this a new permanent friend? I'm so jealous.

  2. I like life-through-iphone posts.. I really do.. instagram filters makes everything i do look so pretty and interesting...haha... Are you gonna share those photoshoot pics?? Hope so!!!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  3. Those mason jars in the tree are awesome! :) Yay for prime parking spots...such a great feeling! New kitten?!

  4. Dear Betsy, Hi..I found your blog at a beautiful feather and thought I would like to follow you. I too love stationary and one time wrote lot's of snail mail..times have changed and I also hate to part with my lovely paper..I collect vintage valentines..have over 500 to date..most from the late 1800/1920's...and i have a thing for all things floral&gardens...I'm much older than you but my mind is still stuck at age 20 something...LOL! Come visit me and hope you like my little space..

  5. What a cute kitty! And those pumpkin cookies sound delicious!


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