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Nov 16, 2011

a reminder that i really do love my job:

Yesterday, I was kinda sorta feeling a little restless.
Here's what's what:
I work at my church.  
I'm an administrative assistant, and I'm pretty overqualified for it, and it's not what I want to do with my life, and sometimes, all of that gets a little frustrating.  
But there are moments that I'm SO glad that God has me here, at this time.  
Today, when I got an email saying: "Sumo wrestling competition, NextGen Center, 2 pm", I was really really glad to be here, now.
(That's our senior pastor in the red. He pastors over 3,000 people, but still 
found time to don the sumo suit on a random Wednesday afternoon)
It's funny how God sends little reminders to be thankful and to be present in the most random ways.
Oh, and I love my job.


  1. Ha, that is great, I love it! Thanks for sharing! = )

  2. hilarious! so you got to wrestle your pastor?! too funny:)
    hugs on this thursday to you, friend!

  3. Love this. And I love those little moments that just remind us to be thankful. :)



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