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Nov 22, 2011

sponsor spotlight: Cassie from Life in Technicolor

Ok, so remember how I said that these sponsor spotlights are some of my favorite posts these days?  Well....this is probably one of my ultimate favorite posts.  Because it features one of my ultimate favorite people!  
Cassie (from Life in Technicolor) and I lived together in college and bonded over grocery shopping, rolling eyes across the classroom, and a mutual love of Friends.  On top of all of that, we're also blogging buddies!
Hi friends, I’m Cassie from Life in Technicolor. I’m a new wife, writer, traveler, bike-rider, nature-lover, wanna-be-freelancer, and just your average free-spirited vagabond. I grew up 40 minutes north of Boston, but now we reside on the city’s beautiful North Shore in our home by the sea.

I originally started this blog when I spent a semester in Australia and I adored documenting my travels and experiences in an exotic foreign land. I felt like there was always something new and exciting to see and so many lessons to be learned. The ultimate dream would be to turn this blog back into a travel diary, with Will (my talented hub) snapping photos throughout our journey. I currently work full-time behind a desk and I’m (we’re) aching to get out and explore the world. Stay tuned, because more adventures are on our horizon, no doubt.

In the meantime, I blog about our whatever tickles my fancy – particularly fashion, design of all kinds, the goodness of being green, music, the great outdoors, and my freakish obsession with typography. Don’t judge.

Time to enter my favorite dream world: If I could own any shop or business, there would be multiple.

1. The online store would be cleaning and selling antique beauties that we come across in our travels and in our own life. So many pretty things, but our home can’t contain them all (mostly because we’re hardcore minimalists who constantly purge our belongings). But you’d want to buy these vintage items, so don’t worry, I’ll have a shop someday.

2. The real live shop would be the Baldwins’ breakfast place/coffee shop. Not only am I obsessed with beverages of all kind (teas, coffees, chai, lattes) but Will and I both cook a pretty mean breakfast. I am self-proclaimed omelet queen of the world. We already have ideas of what we’d want it to look like and we have an adorable name in the works, but I’m not telling. Oh, and I’d also be a potter and you could buy my mugs, bowls and teapots.

3. As a constant source of income, I’d be a freelance marketer and writer. Alas. I dream on.

Now that I’ve spilled my soul and we’re best friends, come by for a visit and follow!
Well, you heard the girl....go check out Life in Technicolor!

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  1. Oh goodness, I'm so happy all you girls have blogs! I was recently inspired by Stevie to start blogging myself. I'm really just getting used to it, so I think you guys are amazing! I hope you're both doing well :)


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