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Nov 11, 2011

sponsor spotlight: katrina at simply us

Hello hello!  Sorry that things have been quiet around here this week.  
I took the Praxis this morning, and between that and work and this kitten (who, by the way, has currently wedged herself between me & my computer and is resting her head on my arm...it makes tying difficult, but it's oh-so-adorable), my time and mind have been a bit preoccupied.

BUT...I have a new sponsor to introduce you to!
Katrina, at Simply Us, approached me a few weeks ago about becoming a sponsor on HTB and also asked me to guest post (it'll be up either later this month or in December).  
She's super sweet, and blogs about life with her hubs and puppy.  Go check it out!
I married my best friend, I am the mommy to the most adorable puppy in the world, I could eat swedish fish and drink coffee all day long, you rarely ever see me without a camera, I love trying new foods, and I really miss living on the east coast. 
I lived in California until I was about 12. I then moved to Utah and lived there until I got married. However, I would like to claim California as my home. All my family still lives there and I frequently visit. 

 Our blog was started as a way to document our lives and adventures while living in New Jersey. It seemed like the perfect way to keep in touch and share pictures with all of our family and friends back home. We share the trails of grad school, little things that we love, lots of pictures, and all of our crazy adventures. 

I am a photographer here in Utah.  Go follow my blog and receive all the latest updates and promotions that I offer.  
I also run an etsy shop that is stocked with original photographs and cute necklaces.  

Go check Katrina out at Simply Us!

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