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Nov 16, 2011

sponsor spotlight: Stephanie at Artfully Craft

Stephanie (from Artfully Craft) approached me about sponsoring HTB just a bit ago.  She's blogging her way through a series of crafts...and this girl is seriously creative!  Check it out!
I’m a fulltime student and I work in after school child care at the local YMCA.  I suppose I've always been a crafter (even at Halloween when I was just a tot!). It became apparent at a very young age that I was not a prodigy in art class. Even today, my stick figures are alarmingly devoid of any identifiable features. I never seem to get the arms the right length... But I always had a passion for the art supplies and the potential they held. It was in my early days as a Camp Fire Girl that I learned the magical art of crafting. I always find that the best place to stir up a little spark of creativity is a craft blog. I've been obsessively searching for and following many for years. It's my love of these that inspired me to start this very blog. I've been making crafts for so long, that it's only fair I share a few with the community that inspired me.

Right now, I live in Eugene, Oregon where I’m attending school as a Marine Biology and Environmental Science double-major. Home is in Southwest Missouri, a little town just outside Springfield.

My blog is called Artfully Craft.  It is meant to inspire those who want to get into crafting. I just love how accessible crafting is and want to share that.  I will include some recipes, but only if they fall under the category of “If you knew how quick/easy/cheap this was, you’d do it too!” 

I’ve been to camp every summer since I was 5, and that makes 19 as of this past one.  I have been an arts and crafts director for 3 summers.  I made my acting debut on stage at the Springfield Little Theater in Springfield, MO with a starring role as Noleta Nethercott in Sordid Lives.  Just weeks after the show closed, I was packing up and moving across the country, so I’m looking forward to getting involved in local theater here if I ever find the time.

So go check Stephanie out at Artfully Craft!

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  1. Betsy!!! I am so humbled by your kindness! Thank you for this lovely feature! You're a doll.


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