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Nov 6, 2011

the weekend

Forgive me, friends, for yet another update via instagram photos.  
Can I let you in on a little secret?  These posts are some of my favorites.  
They're insanely fun (I looooovvveee this app), and insanely easy.
{a beautiful anthro mug and a beautiful homemade coaster from two dear friends}
{calligraphy. see the original here. what can i say? i'm a copycat who loves fonts}
{i'm kitten-sitting. my friend, Jen, rescued this snugglebug, but she can't keep her, and right now, she's not home, so I'm adopting her for the week. she might not get her back}
{crafting! finally....}
{these last two are from a shoot i did today. i'll be sharing some of the shots here and on my photography blog later this week!}


  1. just keep that sweet little one! :)

  2. I love that kitty too!

    Was your photo shoot at the Goggleworks? I love that building :)

  3. No, seriously, how are you going to give that kitty back? SO CUTE.


  4. Cute kitty!!!!

    just found your blog... and btw, heavens to betsy is one of my favorite sayings ever! I actually used it in today's post - what a quinky dink!


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