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Dec 7, 2011


Remember how I shared 5 things I need to bake from Pinterest?  
Wellllll....I decided to keep with that trend and share 5 things I need to make!
So...here are some of the top things on my Pinterest craft board.  
(I do so love that site...don't you?)

This is just GORGEOUS.  I wear scarves like it's my job, and I have more than enough, but this would be a lovely addition to my collection.

I think terrariums are super cute.  I love the ones at Anthropologie, but they're super expensive, so why not make one on my own?

I love flower adornments.  These are just so pretty and would look great on a headband, bobby pin, or pin for a coat, sweater, or bag!

I want to knit myself a scarf that eats my neck!  I get all cozy just looking at this!

These are great!  And I think they'd be fairly easy to make...


  1. Wow! If you can make any of those things I am super impressed.

    I'm glad you're enjoying "the story". I need to get writing the next section!

  2. Awesome! #2 and #3 are my favorites :c)

  3. i freakin love #2! Love Anthro. Wish it wasn't so damn expensive.

  4. love the shelves and the lave scarf...get choices!


  5. I love the lace scarf so much, I also wear a scarf every single day (I think I have done for a few years now!) The felt flowers are lovely too. xo

  6. Love that huge scarf!and the felt flowers!

  7. oh my i love that scarf and the knitted cowl. so cute! ugh there's not enough money in my pocket for all my favorite things :)

  8. Those shelves are awesome!! I also really like that first scarf!

  9. You know how I love the honeycomb shelves :)

  10. Love that terrarium and honeycomb shelf!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day, love yours. Following:)

    <3 Leney



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