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Dec 25, 2011

a few shots from our Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I hope you've all been able to spend a day with friends and family celebrating the birth of Jesus!
Here are a few shots from our Christmas...

Some from last night at church:

And from today:

This year, my family decided that we'd only give each other one gift.  My parents asked for a wish list of a few things from my brother and I, and he got a kit to fix up his Rhodes piano and a set of speakers.
I got my 50mm f/1.4 lens (I'm already in love) AND this BEAUTIFUL Kelly Moore Mimi bag!
(It's a camera bag....isn't that AWESOME?!)
 I already fit my wallet, my D7000 with the 50mm attached, my 18-105mm lens, gloves, AND I still have lots of room!  This bag is magic.
My brother and I cheated a little on the giving one gift thing.  I got my mom a soup cookbook, a set of hand-made coasters, and soup mugs (which I justified by saying it all went together) and then we both refurbished our MacBooks and gave them to each of our parents.  They were pretty excited.
And this was an excellent Christmas.


  1. How fun are these pictures!! :) I love your camera bag. I got one too...but I have to admit that I love yours way more!! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Those pictures with the props are adorable! that camera bag sounds like magic!glad you had a grat christmas and love the new header by the way!


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