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Dec 16, 2011

Guest Post: Savannah's Christmas List

Savannah is a sweetheart, and was one of my first sponsors.  
She blogs over at Rolled Up Pretty about life with her hubby.  
(Oh, and she posts great DIYs!)

I asked Savannah to tell me about a few things on her Christmas Wishlist and here's what she had to share:
1.  Some cute new boots
2.  A little vacation with my husband to get the HECK away from work
3.  An amazing dinner with just the two of us
4.  Maybe some new sheets
5.  A new laptop
6.  Adobe Suite (is that what it's called?) :)
7.  To spend more time just relaxing...
8.  The newest season of Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters
9.  Maybe some sentimental jewelry?
10.  To sleep in on xmas morning... that's the best gift of ALL! :)  

I love it.  New boots are always welcome in my house!  
I particularly like that Savannah has things on her list that are simple, sweet, and mean a lot...like a dinner with her hubby or sleeping in on Christmas morning. 
Thanks for sharing, Savannah!

Check out Rolled Up Pretty to read more from Savannah!

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