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Dec 22, 2011


I do apologize for my absence around here this week.
Remember how my life was a little topsy-turvy earlier this fall?
Well, lets just say the topsy-turvy giant came back into town and started to make some waves again.  But no worries, things are fine.
Anyway, I just got my hair cut yesterday (nothing too drastic, just a little trim!) and I've been avidly searching for some fun Christmas hairstyles.
And then, I found It's the Small Things.
This girl's hair is to die for.  
Seriously.  I think I might just take my computer to my hairstylist next time and tell her to make mine look like that. 
Isn't it gorgeous?! 
It also just so happens that I needed a new hairdryer, so I went in search of her recommendations (she's a hairstylist herself, so she has a TON) and acted on a few of them!
Go check out Kate's blog.  Not only does she do tutorials and videos, she's also a total sweetheart!
How are you wearing your hair this Christmas season?


  1. All of these are amazing!! :) I wish I was good with hair...I'm not!

  2. *have you seen katy perry's new blond bob with light pink highlights? it' SO cute! Im hoping to cut mine soon too!!!!

    your blog is just adorable btw.

    I have a little head band give a way going on over at my blog. You should go check it out!

    Hope you have the merriest of christmases.



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