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Dec 1, 2011

i wish i may, i wish i might

Yay!  It's December!
Which means it's really really officially time for ACATT (All Christmas, All the Time...thank you, Jeanette Keylor for changing my life with that one.)

I haven't put together a Christmas list in a long time.  Whenever my parents ask me what I want, I usually have no idea.  But Grace over at Her Umbrella asked her sponsors to put together a Christmas wish list, and so this year, I have one!  Here it is:
Marcel might be one of my favorite youtube videos of all time.  This book is  a must-have.
It shares my name AND it's the most beautiful chocolate brown ever AND it will keep my DSLR safe while looking stylish?  Sign me up.  We were made for each other.
I think they're adorable and I've always wanted one.
This is actually a picture of the f/1.8, but I changed my mind and decided I'd rather have the f/1.4 since I put this list together.  Trust me, the extra $$ is worth it.
This new discovery is probably the most portable and fun game ever.  Potential for absolute hilarity, right here.
I've been on the hunt for the most perfect pair of cowboy boots, and these just might be the ones.

What do YOU want for Christmas?

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