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Dec 27, 2011

Instagram update! {finals & Christmas edition}

First, finals:
1.  My finished (65-page) 5th grade Colonial America unit
2.  Sometimes, I write the whole alphabet out
3.  Tea...I drank 6 cups a night
4.  Some sustenance.  Only the best ice cream ever
5.  A good reminder
6.  When I had finally gotten into bed, I heard cries coming from my closet, only to find that this little one had climbed up the back of my hanging shoe organizer and perched herself up here
7.  Homework, homework, homework!
8.  The whiteboard to-do lists (this was mid-week)

And now....Christmas!
1 & 2. Live Nativity from our Christmas Eve services at Church
3.  Chromatic Wakeup caroler cookies!
4.  One is missing (but it wasn't my fault!)
5.  Alex, Natalie, & Betsy cookies
6.  The photo booth set-up from our Christmas Eve services at church
7 & 8.  Mugs I monogrammed for our youth group leaders!


  1. I remember writing those units! So time consuming! Ah! Glad you're done though. :) Those cookies are so fun!

  2. Remember- you will write those units throughout school and when you are students teaching, but during real teaching, they are not so complicated! I also write the alphabet when I am listening to a speaker. I spy binary on your list! I also like to write words or names that start with each letter of the alphabet. I think that is a creatives way of doodling.

  3. hey, betsy! hope you had a nice christmas, and got everything you wanted! :)

    i see that you have a new look to your blog! love it so much! so cheery and happy, and warm--love it. i wish i was as talented as you! :) great photos... those cookies are fabulous!

    happy new year, betsy!


  4. 1. the cat climbed the shoe rack? that's the freaking funniest/most adorable thing i've ever seen. i love it and want to snuggle her. pronto.
    2. those cookies are so cute. you're heaps talented.
    3. i've been missing you a lot lately. i'm coming down your way soon enough. love. xo.


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